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Explore Home Centre's collection of accent chairs featuring diverse styles, designs, colours, and materials to add cosiness to your room. From quirky designs to classic styles, find the perfect accent chair for living rooms to provide comfortable seating for one. Buy accent chairs from Home Centre and redefine relaxation.

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Accent Chairs for Living Room

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Best Selling Accent Chairs From Home Centre

Eva Accent Chair - Grey ₹2,299
Helios Merry Fleece Accent Chair - Brown    ₹11,999
Noa Fabric Rotating Accent Chair - Brown   ₹13,999
Noa Fabric Rotating Accent Chair - Grey   ₹14,998
Blossom Fabric Accent Chair - Mint ₹24,999
Data last updated on 29/04/2024

Buy Accent Chairs Online at the Best Prices from Home Centre

It is highly doubtful to make a misstep with an accent chair. Accent chairs enhance the ambience of any room they grace, serving as a seamless blend of furniture and decor. They offer a plush alternative to basic, practical seating, upgrading a room from mundane to captivating. Accent chair furniture stands out from the rest of the decor, offering a vibrant splash of colour, pattern, or design element and can even highlight a neglected corner of a room.

The contemporary accent furniture merges comfort with style. At Home Centre, we recognise that the price of an accent chair shouldn't compromise on either aspect. Hence, we offer a captivating range of such occasional chairs at competitive prices and with sturdy construction. With many options available, finding the perfect accent chair design that complements your interior style and remains timeless is a breeze. Explore a selection of accent chairs online to infuse vitality into every corner of your living space, available now at Home Centre.

Whether you prefer upholstered, wooden, or uniquely designed options, our accent chairs for living rooms offer a budget-friendly means of refreshing your space without major renovations. Seize the opportunity without hesitation and buy accent chairs online from Home Centre to add a dash of colour and design to your room.

Transform Your Home with a Variety of Accent Chair Designs Available at Home Centre

Add some personality and flair to your living space by exploring the wonderful world of accent chairs online at Home Centre and uncover plenty of designs waiting to infuse charm and character into your home. We have a stunning collection of accent chair designs that are bursting with style. Whether your heart beats for the sleek modern aesthetics of a lounge chair, the cosy traditional vibes of a wing chair, or quirky, eclectic styles of rotating chairs, rest assured, there's an accent chair to suit every taste and space.

With a rainbow of vibrant colours and timeless neutrals to choose from, these accent chairs are conversation starters that can turn your home into a homey retreat of sophistication. Home Centre empowers you to reevaluate the boundaries of home décor, taking it to the next level of personalised expression.

Choose From a Wide Range of Accent Chair Materials

Home Centre offers a diverse selection of accent chairs online crafted from various materials to enhance the relaxation and visual appeal of your living space. This selection caters to a range of preferences, from upholstered to solid wood. For those seeking comfort, Home Centre offers a variety of accent chairs with and without armrests.

Moreover, Home Centre provides polypropylene accent chairs in an array of finishes, allowing you to integrate the piece with your existing décor. By considering the material and look of your accent chair, you can ensure it complements the aesthetics of your living space and provides the level of comfort you desire. Visit Home Centre today to explore our collection and discover the perfect material match to upgrade your living room.

  • Upholstery Accent Chair

Our upholstery accent chairs are designed to offer warmth and timeless style. Made with soft, high-quality fabrics and exquisite attention to detail, they enhance the beauty of any room, making it inviting for relaxation and socialising. With these chairs, you'll experience an unparalleled level of elegance, whether you're unwinding alone or entertaining guests. From the plush cushions to the elegant design, every element is designed to upscale your experience and create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Solid Wood Accent Chair

Our solid wood accent chairs are thoughtfully engineered with precision and attention to detail, showcasing a timeless sophistication in their design. Constructed from high-quality wood materials, these chairs are renowned for their durability and sturdiness, ensuring they stand the test of time as a valuable addition to your home décor. Their classic design aesthetic imparts a sense of character to any space, a fusion of traditional and contemporary interior styles.

  • Polypropylene Accent Chairs

Our polypropylene accent chairs are tailored for individuals seeking modern-day versatility and longevity. Built from top-tier polypropylene material, these chairs boast easy maintenance and enduring performance, ensuring they remain a valuable asset in your home for years to come. Their sleek and modern design harmonises with any decor style, fusing your living space with a sense of sophistication and refinement. Whether your interior aesthetic is classic or contemporary, these chairs upraise the aura with their appeal and elegance.

  • Accent Chair with Rest

Experience unmatched cosiness with our accent chairs, featuring built-in rests designed to offer the ultimate comfy experience. Designed with relaxation in mind, these chairs have ergonomic contours that ensure optimal support for your body. After a long day, sink into these chairs and let go of the day's stresses as you unwind and rejuvenate in style. With their thoughtful design and plush features, these accent chairs offer a retreat within your home.

  • Accent Chair with Armrest

Boost your comfort level with our accent chairs with armrests, designed to provide enhanced support and relaxation. Perfect for leisurely activities like lounging and reading, these chairs offer good support tailored to the needs of your arms and shoulders. Enjoy a comfortable seating experience as you indulge in your favourite pastimes, knowing that our chairs are crafted to promote proper posture and alleviate strain.

  • Accent Chair without Armrest

Embrace the essence of minimalist chic with our accent chairs without armrests. Crafted for versatility and ease of movement, these chairs feature sleek and streamlined silhouettes, ideal for smaller spaces and present-day interiors. Despite their minimalist design, rest assured, they do not compromise on comfort. These chairs offer a stylish seating solution for any room in your home, ensuring a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience for you and your guests.

Pick Accent Chairs Based on Upholstery Materials

When choosing accent chairs for living rooms based on upholstery materials at Home Centre, you have the chance to tailor your seating choices to match your preferences and lifestyle. Each material offers its practicality, with options ranging from plush fabrics to gorgeous velvet and durable faux leather. Whether prioritising luxurious softness, easy upkeep, or longevity, our selection of accent chairs online ensures you'll discover the ideal accent chair to complement your home decor and meet your requirements.

  • Fabric Accent Chair

Home Centre's fabric accent chairs offer a versatile seating solution that seamlessly fits into your living space. With a diverse selection of textures and colours, these chairs can effortlessly complement any decor scheme. Whether seeking a spot for relaxation or a durable option for high-traffic areas, Home Centre provides a range of choices to enhance the charm of your living room. So, upscale the character of your home with our carefully curated fabric accent chairs, designed to meet your every need with finesse and practicality.

  • Velvet Accent Chair

Pamper yourself with our Velvet Accent Chairs, inviting you to luxuriate in supreme comfort. Embrace the magnificent textures and rich hues that effortlessly raise the mood of any room. As you sink into the plush cushions, feel the stresses of the day dissolve away, leaving you enveloped in relaxation. These statement pieces provide comfort and exude gorgeousness, adding a touch of elegance to your home decor. Indulge in the ultimate flair and oomph with Home Centre's velvet accent chairs.

  • Faux Leather Accent Chair

Add a touch of in-fashion taste to your space with Faux Leather Accent Chairs from Home Centre, tailored for a sleek and modern aesthetic. Strictly crafted from top-quality materials, these chairs emulate the stunning look and feel of genuine leather without the upkeep. Ideal for everyday use, they offer a cool seating solution. Enhance your home decor with these chic accent chairs, designed to refine both the visual appeal and functionality of your living space.

Why Have an Accent Chair as One of the Furniture for Your Home?

  • It can go in any room - Wherever you place accent chairs, they have a knack for stealing the spotlight. They stand out with their unique size and style, setting them apart from your typical home chairs like dining room seats or living room sofas. Their versatility adds to their charm, making them adaptable to any space and purpose.

  • It can contrast or complement your decor - Accent chair furniture is perfect if you enjoy adding your personal touch to your living space or experimenting with interior design. Whether you want them to mingle with your existing decor or make a bold statement, there's a style for every taste. Home Centre offers accent chairs in various hues, from classic neutrals like grey and white to vibrant shades like teal and floral prints.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Accent Chair

At Home Centre, we believe in making people's lives a bit easier. So, here we have penned some of the most vital things you must consider when you plan to buy accent chairs :

  • Size and Dimensions - While people often measure sofas, it's less common for accent chairs, especially if you're just updating chairs around a table. However, it's essential to take measurements for the new chairs to ensure they fit well in the intended space.

  • Fabric - Consider the fabric carefully, especially if you have pets or if the chairs will see daily use. Opt for a durable fabric that can withstand wear and tear.

  • Style - Accent chairs come in a wide range of styles, including side chairs, occasional chairs, wingback chairs, armchairs, rotatable chairs, and more. Each style offers a unique aesthetic. Purchase the one that you feel most comfortable with.

  • Placement - If the accent chairs will be used at a table, ensure they fit comfortably under it. For extra seating in a living space, you can choose chairs that complement the available space.

  • Usage - If you use accent chairs daily or at least several times a week, prioritise comfort and look. Before purchasing, try out chairs that will be frequently used to ensure they provide complete comfort.

Maintenance Tips for Accent Chairs

Let us walk through the best practices for accent chair maintenance to keep it looking as good as new:

  • Before anything else, it is essential to grasp the material of your accent chair for efficient furniture maintenance. Whether it's crafted from faux leather, fabric, or velvet, each material comes with its own specific care needs. For example, leather accent chairs require regular moisturising to fend off cracking, whereas fabric requires frequent vacuuming to prevent dust buildup.

  • For routine cleaning, utilise a gentle cloth or a vacuum with a brush attachment to eliminate dust and debris delicately. In the case of a fabric accent chair, think of employing a fabric cleaner tailored to its specific material. Always conduct a trial of the cleaner on a small, inconspicuous spot initially to guarantee it doesn't trigger discolouration.

  • Spills happen, especially on light-coloured fabric chairs, where stains can be obvious. Act fast: dab the spill with a dry cloth to soak up the liquid. Apply mild soap with water for tough stains and test on a small area first.

Why Choose Home Centre for Your Occasional Furniture Needs?

Home Centre stands out as the ideal destination when it comes to sprucing up your living space with occasional furniture. Here's why:

  • A World of Choice: Home Centre boasts a diverse selection of furniture online, catering to every taste and requirement. No matter if you seek a sleek console table to add a modern touch or a glamorous accent chair for a relaxing corner, you'll find it all under one roof.

  • Built to Last: Home Centre prioritises quality and durability. Our occasional furniture pieces are crafted from robust materials and diligent construction, ensuring they become cherished companions in your home for years to come.

  • Effortless Shopping: Gone are the days of stressful furniture shopping. Home Centre offers a convenient shopping experience, allowing you to browse our assortment online or visit one of our offline stores. Our user-friendly website and helpful staff ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

  • Customer Care At Its Finest: Home Centre believes in providing exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you find the ideal piece for your needs. You can be confident in receiving immediate and courteous assistance with any questions.

FAQs About Accent Chairs

1. What is the benefit of an accent chair?

An accent chair can give your living space an immediate refresh. It provides extra seating for you or any of your guests and is a decorative item that helps complete the look of your room.

2. What is the difference between occasional chairs and accent chairs?

Occasional chairs are simply the types of chairs that are not meant for daily use. Accent chairs, on the other hand, are occasional chairs used to add a pop of design or colour to any room.

3. Are accent chairs comfy?

Absolutely! Accent chairs are typically designed to offer comfort, although the degree of comfort can vary based on their intended purpose and aesthetic objectives. These chairs are designed to enhance the primary seating in a space, introduce visual appeal, and frequently function as decorative elements.

4. What is the difference between dining chairs and accent chairs?

An accent chair is like the cosy spot in your living room where you curl up with a book or chat with friends. It's all about comfort, with extra cushioning and soft upholstery to make you feel at ease. On the other hand, a dining chair is more like the trusty seat at your dinner table, ready for family meals or casual gatherings. It's lighter and simpler, designed for quick sits rather than long lounging sessions.

5. Where can I use accent chairs?

Accent chairs can be placed in various areas of your home, whether it's the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or study. They can inject colour or style next to your ottoman or sofa in the living room. They also work well placed beside a bookcase or coffee table.


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