Doormats are essential household accessories designed to trap dirt and moisture from shoes, keeping interiors clean. At Home Centre, a wide array of doormats awaits, ranging from durable coir mats to stylish rubber designs. Choose from a variety of doormat designs and add an aesthetic appeal to your entryway.

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First impressions matter, and your doorway is the gateway to your space.  Doormats not only add a touch of style to your entrance, but they also serve a vital purpose. They capture debris from footwear, preventing them from being tracked inside and keeping your floors cleaner for longer. They also prevent slips, enhancing safety. This is especially important during wet or muddy seasons. Investing in quality doormats is paramount to maintaining cleanliness and creating a welcoming environment.

Home Centre offers a wide variety of doormats to suit your needs and style. From classic coir mats for excellent scraping to stylish rubber ones, our collection includes durable materials like nylon and polyester, ensuring longevity. Consider water-absorbent designs or decorative options to elevate your entryway's aesthetic while efficiently catching dirt and moisture. Explore our collection and buy doormats online at Home Centre in the comfort of your home.

Discover Different Types of Doormat Designs for Every Space in Your Home

Home Centre boasts an extensive collection of doormat designs tailored for every space in your home. From elegant floral patterns to minimalist geometric motifs, our range offers something to complement any interior style. What sets Home Centre's doormats apart is their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.  Each doormat design is not just functional, removing dirt and debris from your footwear before it enters your home, but also aesthetically unique, allowing you to express your style right from the doorway. Select the perfect doormat design for your entryway, patio, or bathroom.

Printed Doormats : A Personal Welcome

Greet guests with a touch of whimsy. Printed doormats let you showcase your personality right from the doorstep, adding a touch of personality to your entryway with vibrant designs and eye-catching patterns. These doormats are easy to maintain, requiring occasional vacuuming or shaking to remove dirt and debris. Their unique prints not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also serve as a warm welcome to guests, making them both stylish and practical additions to your home. Choose from a vast array of printed doormat designs, from playful greetings to seasonal motifs.

Anti-Slip Doormats : Safety First

Safety is paramount, especially on rainy or snowy days. Anti-slip doormats (also known as non-slip doormats )  feature a secure backing that grips the floor, preventing unwanted slips and falls, especially in high-traffic areas prone to moisture, like entryways. Made with durable materials and equipped with non-slip backing, these mats stay securely in place. Maintenance is effortless, requiring only occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. With their practicality and reliability, anti-slip doormats ensure peace of mind while enhancing the functionality of your entryway.

Polka Doormats : Timeless Elegance

A touch of classic charm never goes out of style. Infuse your entryway with a playful charm using Home Centre's polka dot welcome mats . Featuring classic polka dot designs, these mats add a whimsical touch to your home decor. Maintenance is simple, as they can be easily cleaned with a gentle brush or vacuum. The unique appeal of polka dot doormats lies in their ability to instantly uplift the mood of any space while providing a warm welcome to visitors, making them an ideal choice for homes seeking a touch of nostalgia and fun.

Embossed Doormats : Add Dimension and Durability

Embossed doormats elevate your entrance with a touch of texture and personality. The designs are pressed into the material, featuring intricate patterns and textures, creating a three-dimensional effect that adds depth and sophistication to your space. These doormats are not only visually appealing but also durable, made from high-quality materials that withstand daily wear and tear. Maintenance is effortless, requiring a simple shake or occasional vacuuming to keep them looking pristine. What sets embossed doormats apart is their ability to make a statement while effectively cleaning your footwear from dirt and moisture, making them a stylish and practical addition to any home.

Welcome Doormats : A Warm Invitation

Set a welcoming tone right from the start with a welcome doormat . These classic mats come in a variety of styles and materials, from friendly greetings spelt out in bold colours to the subtle script on a natural coir base. Welcome mats are incredibly versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Regular shaking or vacuuming keeps them looking their best. The unique benefit of welcome mats lies in their ability to instantly create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests entering your home.

Floral Doormat : A Touch of Nature

Bring the beauty of nature to your doorstep with a floral doormat . These mats feature vibrant floral designs that add a pop of colour and personality to your entryway. Available in a variety of styles, from classic roses to modern abstract florals, there's a perfect match for any taste. Regular shaking or vacuuming keeps them looking fresh. The unique benefit of floral doormats lies in their ability to add a touch of charm and natural beauty to your home's welcome, creating a warm and inviting first impression.

Find the Perfect Material for Your Doormat

When it comes to finding the perfect doormat, selecting the right material is key to ensuring both style and functionality. At Home Centre, we understand the importance of offering a diverse range of materials to suit every preference and need. Whether you are looking to shop doormat options for your home or office, our collection provides a variety of choices to explore. Home Centre makes it easy to buy doormat options that align with your decor and lifestyle requirements.

Jute Doormats : Eco-Friendly Versatility

Jute doormats offer a sustainable and stylish choice for your doorway. This natural fibre is known for its excellent scraping abilities, making it a great option for jute doormats for both outdoor and indoor use. Jute doormats from Home Centre come in a variety of designs and sizes to complement any space.  Regular shaking or vacuuming keeps them looking their best. The unique benefit of jute doormats lies in their eco-friendly nature and ability to add a touch of natural texture and style to your entryway.

Cotton Doormats : Soft and Absorbent

For a soft and welcoming touch, consider a cotton doormat . Home Centre offers a variety of cotton doormats online , perfect for capturing dirt and moisture from shoes. These mats are ideal for low-traffic indoor areas or covered outdoor spaces. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth or gentle machine washing keeps them looking fresh. Cotton doormats have comfortable texture and superior moisture absorption features, making them a great choice for creating a warm and inviting indoor entrance. With various designs and patterns available at Home Centre, cotton doormats offer a cosy welcome to your home.

Rubber Doormats : All-Weather Durability

Rubber doormats are the ultimate choice for high-traffic areas and harsh weather conditions.  These highly durable mats excel at trapping dirt and debris, while their non-slip backing ensures safety. Outdoor rubber mats from Home Centre are weather-resistant and easy to clean – simply hose them down or wipe them clean. With their weather-resistant properties and practical design, rubber doormats offer long-lasting protection and functionality for your entryway and outdoor spaces.

Nylon Doormats : Durable and Easy-Care

Nylon doormats offer a balance of functionality and style. This synthetic material is known for its excellent scraping abilities and resistance to mould and mildew. Nylon doormats from Home Centre come in a variety of colours and designs to complement your existing decor. Regular shaking or vacuuming keeps them looking their best. Their quick-drying properties make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring a clean and welcoming entryway year-round. With various designs and sizes available, nylon doormats are easy to maintain and have long-lasting durability, making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use in moderate climates.

Coir Doormats : The Natural Scrubber

Coir doormats , made from the coarse fibres of coconut husks, are a classic choice for scraping dirt and debris from shoes. These highly effective outdoor coir doormats from Home Centre excel at removing dirt and mud, keeping your floors cleaner for longer. However, coir may not be ideal for high-moisture areas as it can absorb water and potentially develop mildew. Shaking or brushing them regularly is recommended. The unique benefit of coir doormats lies in their exceptional scraping power and natural material, making them a perfect choice for high-traffic outdoor entryways.

Decorate Every Corner of Your Home with Wonderful Doormats

Forget the misconception that doormats are just for doorways. Whether it's the grand entrance, the cosy hallway, or the tranquil patio, transform every corner of your home into a welcoming space with our captivating array of doormat designs from Home Centre.

From creative placements in the kitchen to stylish additions to the living room, find the perfect doormat for home and make a lasting impression on your guests from the moment they step inside. Explore our collection of doormat designs and discover how these versatile pieces can add a touch of style and functionality to every corner of your home. 

Living Room Doormats : Style Meets Comfort

Doormats for living rooms from Home Centre add a touch of comfort and personality to your relaxation zone. Imagine placing a plush mat by the couch to catch crumbs and spills or a woven jute rug near the fireplace for a touch of natural texture. Living room doormats not only enhance the aesthetics but also help protect your carpets from everyday wear and tear.

Outdoor Doormats : A Shield for Your Entrance

Outdoor mats are the first line of defence against dirt and debris. Outdoor doormats from Home Centre are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our selection includes durable coir mats for superior scraping, as well as weather-resistant rubber mats that excel at cleaning your shoes off moisture and dirt. An outdoor doormat not only protects your floors but also enhances safety by preventing slips on wet days.

Bedroom Doormats : A Soft Landing

Step out of bed onto a plush cloud. Bedroom doormats from Home Centre add a touch of comfort and warmth to your mornings. Our collection features plush microfibre mats that are incredibly soft underfoot and absorbent cotton options that help in removing debris. A doormat for the bedroom creates a spa-like experience and adds a touch of personalised style to your sanctuary.

Bathroom Doormats : Safety and Style in Harmony

Bathroom doormats from Home Centre provide superior water absorption and non-slip backing, ensuring safety in a potentially wet environment.  We offer a variety of waterproof doormats for the bathroom , including quick-drying microfibre options and stylish woven designs.  A bathroom doormat not only keeps your floors dry but also adds a touch of decorative flair to your bathroom.

Kitchen Doormats : Functionality at Your Feet

Combat spills and splatters with a dependable kitchen doormat .  Home Centre offers a variety of kitchen rubber mats designed to trap moisture and debris, making cleanup a breeze. These mats also provide extra cushioning and support for long periods spent cooking in the kitchen.  A kitchen doormat adds functionality and a touch of style to the heart of your home.

Explore Other Doormat Brands Available at Home Centre

Discover an array of doormat brands available at Home Centre, where each brand combines style and durability to enhance the entryway of your home.


Offering doormats made from durable nylon, SPACES ensures an effective barrier against dust entering your home. With its anti-skid backing, it provides stability while being long-lasting, making it a practical choice for maintaining cleanliness and safety.

  • India Circus

India Circus features doormats with softness and vibrant aesthetic appeal. Crafted with unique designs, these mats not only add visual charm to your entryway but also offer slip resistance, minimising the risk of accidental falls and slips.

Understanding Standard Doormat Sizes

Choosing the right doormat size ensures optimal functionality and a balanced look. Here's a quick guide to standard doormat sizes offered at Home Centre: Small doormats (45x75cm, 45x70cm) are ideal for low-traffic areas like bathrooms or entryways to smaller rooms. Standard doormats (40x60cm, 60x40cm, 30x70cm, 70x30cm) are the most popular size, perfect for most doorways. For a grand entrance or high-traffic zones, explore our large doormats (90x55cm, 60x90cm, 76.20x50.80cm) or even larger outdoor doormats , ensuring ample space to wipe your feet before it enters your home.

How to Maintain and Clean Your Doormats

Ensuring clean doormats is essential for upholding the tidiness and appeal of the entrance of your home. Whether you have indoor doormats or outdoor dhurries, proper maintenance is the key to their durability and functionality in trapping dirt and moisture. Here are a few tips to help you effectively maintain and clean your doormats:

  • Vacuum Regularly: Remove the loose dirt and debris by vacuuming your mats frequently, especially in high-traffic areas.

  • Shake Out Dirt: Take outdoor doormats and shake them outside to dislodge embedded dirt and dust.

  • Spot-Clean Stains: Promptly address stains using a mild detergent or spot cleaner and gently scrub with a soft brush.

  • Thorough Air Drying: After cleaning, ensure your mats air dry completely to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

  • Rotate and Flip: Rotate and flip your doormats regularly to distribute wear evenly and extend their lifespan.

FAQs About Doormats

1. What is another word for a doormat?

Another word for a doormat is a welcome mat, often used interchangeably to refer to mats placed at the entrance of a home to remove debris.

2. Is the rug and doormat the same?

No. Rugs and doormats are different. While both serve a somewhat similar purpose, a doormat is specifically designed for entryways to clean your footwear from dirt and moisture. In contrast, rugs can be used for decoration or warmth in various areas of a home.

3.  Which doormat is best?

The best doormat depends on factors such as location (indoor or outdoor), durability, and effectiveness in trapping dirt. Coir mats are popular for outdoor use, while microfibre mats excel indoors.

4. How many types of doormats are there?

Several types of doormats are available, including coir (made from coconut husks), rubber, microfibre, and absorbent fabric mats. Each type serves different purposes and is suited to specific environments such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, entryway, etc.

5. What material is a doormat?

Doormats can be made from various materials, including coir, rubber, nylon, microfiber, and synthetic fibres. The choice of material depends on factors such as durability, effectiveness in trapping dirt, and suitability for indoor or outdoor use. 


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