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Liven up your space with potpourri. These fragrant bowls filled with dried goodies go beyond decor. Home Centre offers various scented potpourri, from calming lavender to zesty citrus. Choose your mood and strategically place them for long-lasting potpourri fragrance. Find your perfect potpourri blend and elevate your home.

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Fragrance and Potpourri

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Best Selling Fragrances and Potpourri From Home Centre

Blossom Lemongrass Potpourri - 140gm ₹99
Corsica Set of 3 Potpourris - 80gm ₹209
Colour Refresh Lemon Grass Scented Potpourri Spray - 60ml   ₹299
Corsica Bela Jasmine Potpourri - 200gm ₹329
Paolo Honeysuckle and Hygrangea Potpourri - 300g ₹549
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Buy Potpourri Online at Best Prices From Home Centre

Uplift the ambience in your home with the timeless beauty and fragrance of potpourri. These decorative bowls filled with aromatic dried flowers, fruits, and spices not only add a touch of visual appeal but also provide a natural and long-lasting way to fragrance your space. Potpourri offers an alternative to harsh chemical air fresheners, gently scenting your home with delightful aromas.

Discover a wide variety of potpourri options at Home Centre, perfect for any taste and budget. We offer an extensive collection of potpourri online, featuring different types and varieties to suit your preferences, all conveniently available at competitive potpourri prices. From classic blends with rose petals and lavender to vibrant options with cinnamon sticks and citrus peels, find the perfect potpourri to complement your existing home fragrances and create a truly inviting atmosphere. Buy potpourri online from Home Centre today and enjoy the best prices and selection.

Explore Potpourri Collections at Home Centre

Immerse yourself in a world of delightful aromas with Home Centre's captivating collection of potpourri. These beautiful decorative bowls filled with fragrant dried flowers, fruits, and spices transcend their visual appeal to offer a natural and long-lasting way to scent your home. Explore potpourri from Home Centre and discover a world of delightful scents waiting to transform your living space.

We offer a variety of types and blends to suit your preferences, ensuring you find the perfect potpourri fragrances to complement your existing décor and elevate your home fragrance experience.

Choose Potpourri Based on Fragrances

Home Centre offers a delightful array of potpourri fragrances to suit your mood and decor. Scented potpourri filled with fragrant flowers, fruits, and spices offers a gentle and long-lasting way to scent your living space. For a calming and relaxing atmosphere, choose potpourri with lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood notes. Feeling energetic? Opt for a citrus or lemongrass blend to uplift your mood.

Place your chosen potpourri in a decorative bowl for a beautiful centrepiece in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. For a touch of fragrance renewal, consider refreshing your potpourri with a spritz of potpourri spray from our collection, allowing you to enjoy your favourite scents for even longer.

Explore Potpourri for Different Purposes

Potpourri offers more than just beautiful scents. Home Centre's selection caters to various potpourri purposes, allowing you to choose the perfect potpourri for your needs. Looking for a natural way to combat musty odours? Our potpourri with cedarwood or clove notes can help neutralise unwanted smells. For a touch of festivity during the holidays, explore our potpourri blends featuring cinnamon sticks, pine cones, and warm spices that evoke the spirit of the season.

Strategically place potpourri near doorways or entrances to create a welcoming first impression, or position it near linens for a touch of lasting fragrance. No matter your purpose, Home Centre's potpourri collections offer unique and beautiful solutions to elevate your home environment.

How to Use Potpourri?

Unleash the full potential of your potpourri and transform your home environment with delightful scents. While these decorative bowls filled with fragrant elements are visually appealing, knowing how to use potpourri effectively unlocks their true potential. Learn how to choose the perfect potpourri for your desired ambience, strategic placement for optimal scent diffusion, and even tips for refreshing and maintaining your potpourri for long-lasting enjoyment.

Keep a Potpourri Bowl on Your Living Room Centre Table

This is the classic placement for a reason. A beautiful potpourri bowl displayed prominently on your living room centre table offers a visual and aromatic centrepiece. Choose a potpourri that complements your decor and the mood you wish to create. For a calming atmosphere, opt for lavender or chamomile blends. For an energising feel, consider citrus or lemongrass options. The potpourri will gently release its fragrance, subtly scenting your living space and creating a welcoming environment for guests.

Hang Potpourri in a Bag on the Wall

Elevate your home decor with a touch of fragrance. Fill a decorative sachet or small cloth bag with potpourri and hang it on your wall. This is a perfect option for smaller spaces or areas where a bowl might not be practical. Choose a potpourri with visually appealing elements like dried flowers or cinnamon sticks to add a touch of rustic charm. The potpourri will subtly release its fragrance as you walk by, offering a delightful aromatic surprise throughout the day.

Keep Potpourri in a Decorative Bottle

For a unique and visually captivating way to showcase your potpourri, consider using a decorative potpourri bottle. Choose a clear glass bottle that complements your existing decor and fill it with your favourite potpourri blend. This option allows you to display the beautiful colours and textures of the potpourri elements while still enjoying their fragrance. Place the potpourri bottle near lit candles (with caution and proper ventilation) for a gentle warming effect that can enhance the scent throw.

Potpourri in the Bathroom

Create a spa-like atmosphere with potpourri in the bathroom. Place a small potpourri bowl on a shelf or vanity. Opt for potpourri blends with calming scents like lavender or jasmine to promote relaxation. Alternatively, choose potpourri with invigorating citrus notes to add a touch of freshness to your morning routine. The potpourri will help combat any lingering bathroom odours while leaving your space smelling delightful.

Transfer Potpourri to Fabric Bags

Extend the life and versatility of your potpourri by transferring it to decorative fabric bags. This is a great option for tucking potpourri into drawers or closets for a touch of lasting fragrance. Choose breathable fabric bags like linen or cotton to allow the potpourri fragrances to permeate the surrounding area gently. Cedarwood or lavender potpourri blends are perfect for drawers, helping to deter moths and leaving clothes smelling fresh. For closets, consider potpourri with citrus or spice notes to add a touch of invigorating scent.

Infuse the Potpourri Fragrance in the Kitchen

Combat lingering cooking odours and infuse your kitchen with a delightful scent using potpourri. While not recommended for direct consumption, potpourri with citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, or cloves can offer a natural and pleasant fragrance in your kitchen. Place a small potpourri bowl on a shelf or countertop away from heat sources. Alternatively, fill a decorative simmer pot with water and add a few tablespoons of potpourri for a gentle simmer that releases the fragrances without burning the ingredients. Enjoy the subtle potpourri fragrances while keeping your kitchen smelling fresh.

Refresh Your Old Potpourri

Revitalise your favourite potpourri and extend its lifespan with a few simple tricks. Over time, potpourri fragrances can lose their potency. To refresh your potpourri, add a few drops of essential oil that complements the existing scent. Popular options include lavender, lemon, or clove oil. Gently mix the potpourri to distribute the essential oil evenly. You can also add a few fresh elements, like dried flowers or orange peels, for a visual and olfactory boost. With a little care, you can enjoy your favourite potpourri for even longer.

FAQs About Potpourri

1. What is potpourri used for?

Potpourri infuses your home with beauty and fragrance. Dried flowers, fruits, and spices create a visual treat while their scents combat mild odours. Choose calming lavender or invigorating citrus to set the mood.

2. How long does potpourri last for?

With proper care, potpourri can maintain its fragrance and decorative appeal for several months to a year. To prolong its lifespan, consider refreshing it periodically with essential oils or introducing new fragrant elements for continued enjoyment.

3. Is potpourri just dried flowers?

Potpourri isn't limited to dried flowers. It can comprise dried fruits, spices, and wood elements. This diverse combination yields visually stunning and fragrant blends, enriching your space with both aesthetic charm and delightful scents.

4. Can we use potpourri in the bathroom?

Indeed. Potpourri featuring calming scents such as lavender can effortlessly transform your space into a serene spa-like retreat. Additionally, citrus-infused potpourri introduces a refreshing aroma, effectively neutralising any lingering odours and invigorating your surroundings.

5. Where can I buy potpourri?

Potpourri is readily available online at retailers like Home Centre, as well as in department stores, home decor boutiques, and craft shops. You can easily find a wide selection of potpourri options to suit your preferences and needs.

6. What is the price of potpourri?

Potpourri prices range from ₹99 to ₹1599. They fluctuate based on factors such as size, ingredients, and brand. Whether you're looking for budget-friendly options or plush blends, you'll find a variety of choices available, ranging from small decorative sachets to large ornamental bowls.