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Elevate your comfort with Home Centre's selection of blankets and quilts. Find your perfect warmth, from lightweight throws to elegant winter warmers; our collection of blankets and quilts offers warmth and charm for every home. Shop blankets and quilts from Home Centre and revolutionise your space into a comfy retreat.

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Buy Blankets & Quilts Online at Best Prices from Home Centre

Home furnishing has turned out to be an important aspect of modern-day living. People use different contemporary pieces to add functionality and style to their homes. Blankets and quilts are essential decor products for homes that offer cosiness, warmth, and comfort to everyone. They can also be vital to the decor and aesthetics of living rooms, whether you're using our single bed quilt for heavy winter while relaxing on your soft sofa cum bed or your comfortable sofas . Blankets and quilts by Home Centre are a perfect addition to houses, as they are designed with distinguished versatility and features.

Home Centre is a name that is trusted for home furnishing products made out of care and love. Each blanket and quilt we design is comfortable, durable, functional, and stylish. The products enhance the look of any room with their unique features. They are designed to meet the diverse preferences and needs of our end-users and are the perfect addition to your bedroom design. Soft patterns and colours are curated, bearing in mind the classic selections of our consumers and their graceful abode.

Also, our blanket price and quilt prices are quite affordable without compromising on quality. We offer you the best value for your money by providing high-quality products at reasonable prices. Thus, blanket and quilt shopping online from us makes sense. So, to give your body a warm hug, buy blankets online or buy quilts online from Home Centre. Trust us, you’ll feel the difference.

Shop from the Diverse Collection of Blankets and Quilts by Material

Blankets and quilts are a fantastic source of warmth in winter or when you put on your AC. You can check out our collection of blankets and quilt fabric or materials to buy suitable ones at Home Centre. There are several blankets and quilting materials used for crafting the blankets and quilts; a few of them are listed below:

  • Polyester Blankets

Our polyester blankets are prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail to offer unparalleled comfort and warmth. Made from high-quality materials, they are soft, durable, and easy to maintain, ensuring long-lasting use. Caring for them is a easy—simply machine wash with cold water and tumble dry on low heat for best results. Whether curling up on the couch for a movie night or adding a layer of warmth to beds , our polyester blankets are the perfect choice.

  • Cotton Quilts

Our cotton quilts are the perfect addition to your bedding ensemble. You can top your double bedsheets with one of the beautiful cotton quilts from Home Centre. It's a perfect recipe for a restful night's sleep during spring and summer. On cooler nights, you can layer these quilts with your existing duvet for extra warmth. These cotton quilts are machine washable for easy maintenance, making them a convenient choice for everyday use. With a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs, you're sure to find the perfect quilt to complement your style.

Buy from the Range of Printed Blankets and Quilt Designs at Home Centre

Home Centre presents a compelling selection of printed blanket and quilt designs , offering a style to suit every taste and decor. You are sure to find the perfect quilt or blanket design within our extensive range. Whether you love bold geometric shapes, pretty floral designs, or unique abstract art, we've got the perfect quilt or blanket design to match your style. Our big selection means there's something for everyone, letting you show off your own taste and make your bedroom cosy and stylish. Visit Home Centre today and discover the perfect blanket or quilt design to upgrade your bedding and modify your bedroom into a place of personalised comfort. 

  • Geometric Designs - Home Centre offers an assortment of geometric blankets and quilts for those who appreciate clean lines and a modern aesthetic. The sharp patterns of our geometric blankets and quilts add a touch of visual intrigue to your bedroom, creating a sophisticated and contemporary ambience.

  • Abstract Designs - Home Centre's blankets and quilts also come in amazing abstract designs. These cool patterns are anything but boring and add a unique touch to your bed. These eye-catching abstract blankets and quilts add a touch of art to your space. Find an abstract blanket and quilt design that speaks to you and turn your bedroom into a comfy, personalised space.

  • Floral Designs - Home Centre invites you to explore the beauty of floral blankets and quilts . Each design blossoms with colours and patterns, transporting your bedroom into a serene garden-like place. These floral blankets and quilts are incredibly versatile. You can layer them over crisp white sheets for a light and airy feel or use them as a cosy throw for afternoon naps.

  • Solid Design - Sometimes, simplicity is key. Home Centre understands this, providing a range of solid blankets and quilts. These multifaceted options seamlessly integrate with any existing decor, offering you a place to sleep with a touch of understated elegance. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or want to create a serene atmosphere, our solid blankets and quilts are the perfect choice.

Select from a Wide Range of Different Sizes of Blankets and Quilts

Discover a mixed bag of different types of blankets and quilts in various sizes at Home Centre. Whether you need a king-size, queen-size, single-bed, or double-bed option, we have covered you with different types of blankets and quilts. With our wide range of sizes, you can easily find the type of quilt or blanket to suit your bedding needs and upscale the comfy nature of your bedroom.

  • King-size Blankets and Quilts

Wrap yourself in comfort and style with Home Centre's array of king-size blankets and quilts. With options ranging from lightweight throws to snug king-size quilts , there's something to suit every taste and need. No matter if you are looking for year-round comfort or a stylish addition to your king size bed , Home Centre has you covered. Refine your sleep experience and make your king-sized bed a cosy retreat with our collection.

  • Queen-Size Blankets and Quilts

Home Centre has a whole collection of queen-size blankets and quilts waiting to transform your queen size bed into an unwinding zone. Whether you get sweaty at night and want a light blanket or like to snuggle all year round and want a soft quilt, we've got you covered. With tons of materials and gorgeous designs to choose from, you can find the perfect queen-size blankets and quilts to keep you comfy and stylish all through the night.

  • Single-Bed Blankets and Quilts

Home Centre understands that a single bed deserves a touch of cosy magic, too. Our collection of single-bed blankets and quilts goes beyond basic necessity. Our blankets and quilts cater to every temperature preference - light blankets and quilts for warmer nights and heavy quilts and blankets to envelop you in cooler weather. More than just warmth, these single-bed quilts and blankets boast stunning designs to add a pop of character to your sleep zone.

  • Double-Bed Blankets and Quilts

Discover the perfect addition to your double-sized bed with Home Centre's collection of double-bed blankets and quilts. Carefully crafted for the different tastes and preferences of customers, our double-bed quilts and blankets boast numerous materials and designs that promise to raise your bedding experience. Whether seeking cosy warmth on chilly nights or a touch of sophistication to upscale your bedroom decor, our selection ensures that your sleep sanctuary reflects your unique style and personality.

Different Types of Blankets and Quilts Available at Home Centre

Home Centre is here to be your one-stop shop for transforming your comfort zone into a place of snuggles and style. We're talking about the different types of blankets and quilts galore, each designed to bring warmth and a whole lot of vibes to your bedroom. Let us take a look into the diverse types of quilts and blankets available at Home Centre!

  • Cotton Blankets and Quilts

Home Centre's cotton quilted blankets don't let warm nights disrupt your sleep! Sink into soft, breathable bedding that keeps you cosy without overheating with our. With these, you will feel like you are wrapped in a gentle hug that makes sure you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Experience the bliss of uninterrupted sleep with our lightweight cotton blankets and quilts.

  • Kids' Blankets and Quilts

At Home Centre, we believe in making bedtime a magical experience for kids. That's why we've curated a charming collection of children's quilted blankets featuring fun designs and playful colours. Picture your little ones snuggled up in blankets decked with their favourite designs, drifting off to dreamland with smiles on their faces. With our selection of children’s quilted blankets , bedtime becomes an adventure filled with imagination and warmth.

  • Quilt Blankets

Home Centre curates an eye-pleasing collection of quilt blankets , guaranteed to infuse your bed with undeniable style and peaceful comfort. When it comes to materials, Home Centre puts forward cotton quilt blankets for their breathable, natural embrace and polyester for their budget-friendly, wrinkle-resistant choices. Prioritise your comfort and care preferences when making your selection for quilt blankets from Home Centre.

  • Duvets

Look no further than Home Centre's collection of duvets if you are looking for the ultimate snuggle buddy. Get ready to wrap yourself in pure luxury with our fluffy comforters, carefully crafted to provide just the right amount of warmth for a blissful night's sleep. Whether you wish to have something with a lightweight feel or something more cosy, our duvets come in a range of weights and fillings, guaranteeing a restful slumber every time.

  • Comforter

Home Centre's lineup of comforters has the power to upscale your comfy and snug game. Picture yourself sinking into a bed cocooned in warmth and softness. They're like receiving a big, comforting hug every time you settle up. From vibrant hues to subtle patterns, each design adds a touch of gentility to your space. Be it for binge-watching your favourite movies or enjoying lazy Sunday mornings, our comforters are here to make every moment extra inviting.

Choosing the Right Blankets and Quilts for Your Bedding

Creating a comfort zone in your bedroom goes beyond just a plush mattress and crisp sheets. The perfect blankets and quilts are the finishing touches that transform your bed into an unwinding shelter. But how do you decide which ones are right for you? Fear not, for we're here to guide you through how to choose the best blankets and quilts for your bedding:

  • By Materials - The journey begins with understanding the magic of blankets and quilting materials. Cotton quilts material offer breathable comfort, perfect for year-round use or those who tend to sleep hot. If you're looking for AC quilts and blankets , fleece blanket material throws provide a soft embrace, ideal for chilly nights or movie marathons in air-conditioned rooms. For ultimate warmth and indulgence, explore polyester quilts, which are perfect for creating a cushy cocoon on even the coldest nights.

  • By Colours - Blanket and quilt colours aren't just about looks; they can also impact your mood and sleep quality. Soothing neutrals like cream or white blankets and quilt colours create a calming atmosphere, while vibrant hues can add a touch of charisma and energy to your space. Consider your existing home decor and how you want to feel in your bedroom when making your blanket and quilt colour selection.

  • By Size - Blankets and quilt size do matter. A single-sized option might leave you feeling cold and exposed, while a king-sized blanket on a twin bed could become a tangled mess. Home Centre offers a variety of quilts and blanket sizes to ensure your chosen blanket or quilt drapes perfectly over your mattress, keeping you comfortably covered all night long.

  • Quilt Sets - For those who love convenience and coordinated style, quilt sets offer the perfect solution. These sets typically include a quilt and matching pillow shams, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look for your bed. Home Centre offers an array of quilt sets in various materials, colours, and patterns, allowing you to find the perfect match for your bedroom aesthetic.

Why Buy Blankets and Quilts from Home Centre?

Home Centre can be your one-stop shop for cosy nights in! Here's why we should be your top pick for blankets and quilts and all other bedding needs:

  • Range of Choices - Our diverse selection of blankets and quilts, as well as mattresses are able to match the endless and changing preferences of consumers. Imagine curling up with a lightweight cotton throw on a warm summer night or sinking into a plush warm polyester quilt for a cool winter slumber. No matter your preference, Home Centre has the perfect match for you.

  • Commitment to Quality - Sweet dreams shouldn't come at the expense of quality. Home Centre prioritises long-lasting comfort with its top-notch blankets and quilts . Made from durable materials like cotton and polyester and crafted with utmost care, these pieces are built to be cherished companions for years to come.

  • Lot of Styles - Home Centre believes that comfort should be fashionable. That is the reason why we offer a delightful assortment of stylish designs for our blankets and quilts. From classic geometric patterns to trendy and playful colours, you can find the perfect piece to complement your bedroom decor and express your unique style.

  • Budget-friendly - A good night's sleep is priceless, but that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to achieve it. Home Centre understands that creating a comfortable sleeping place shouldn't break the bank. That's why we have kept our blanket prices as well as quilt prices pocket-friendly, ensuring you can experience comfort without a hefty quilt and blanket price tag.

  • Adept Customer Support - If you aren't sure which blanket or quilt is right for you, Home Centre's knowledgeable customer service team is always happy to assist you. They can answer your questions and help you find the one that best fits your needs and budget.

FAQs About Blankets and Quilts

1. What is the difference between a blanket and a quilt?

Quilts are designed with multiple layers, making them good at trapping heat and keeping you warm throughout the night. Conversely, blankets consist of a single layer of fabric, which makes them a better choice if you tend to get too warm during sleep. So, if you're prone to overheating, opt for a blanket instead of a quilt.

2. Which quilt is best for winter?

For winter, look for ones with thicker fillings or made from down or wool, as they keep you warm. Polyester and cotton quilts are also good choices. Polyester is durable and retains heat well, while cotton is breathable and keeps you warm without making you too hot.

3. What are the different types of blankets and quilts?

Comforters, duvets, and throw blankets are some of the different types of blankets and quilts.

4. What is a blanket used for?

A blanket is a sizable, typically rectangular fabric, often used on a bed, couch or chair to provide warmth or enhance decor.

5. Which blanket is the warmest?

The cosiest options are thicker blankets like cashmere, cotton fleece, and wool. These blankets have fuzzy or napped fibres that create tiny pockets of warm air, providing extra insulation to keep you snug and warm.

6. Which are the best blankets and quilts to buy?

When you're on the hunt for the perfect blankets and quilts, cotton and polyester ones really stand out. Cotton blankets are super cosy and breathable, perfect for snuggling up in any season. Meanwhile, polyester blankets are sturdy and toasty, making them great for those chilly nights. Plus, you'll find a ton of cool designs and styles to match your unique taste and home decor vibe.


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