Enhance your home décor with our exquisite collection of vases at Home Centre. From classic glass flower vases to contemporary ceramic designs, our range caters to every style and budget. Whether you're displaying fresh flowers or adding a decorative accent, find the perfect vase to elevate your space.

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Best Selling Vases From Home Centre

Eadric Glass Cut Vase ₹249
Eadric Glass Vase ₹299
Cosmos Glass Vase ₹399
Eadric Glass Beaker Vase ₹479
Eadric Glass Vase ₹499
Mabel Decor Glass Mosaic Vase ₹799
Moksha Glass Floral Vase ₹979
Mabel Arlen Glass Mosaic Vase ₹999
Rylee Ivana Ceramic Vase ₹999
Rylee Ignus Glass Motif Vase ₹1199
Data last updated on 11/07/2024

Buy Vases Online at the Best Prices From Home Centre

Elevate your home décor with the exquisite collection of flower vases available online. From minimalist to ornate designs, our selection offers the perfect accent pieces to enhance any room. Whether you're looking to display fresh flowers or add a stylish standalone piece, our vases come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit every taste and budget.

Buy vases online from Home Centre to discover high-quality vases at the best prices, designed to bring beauty and elegance to your home décor. Explore our user-friendly online store today and take advantage of our great deals to find the perfect vase that complements your style and enhances your living space.

Discover Various Flower Vase Types Available at Home Centre

Uncover different types of flower vase materials, each selected for its beauty and durability. Whether you're seeking the classic elegance of glass or the rustic charm of stoneware, our collection ensures you find the perfect vase to match your décor and personal style.

Discover the different types of vases we offer and choose from an array of designs that cater to every taste, from the traditional to the contemporary. Buy vases online to adorn your home effortlessly.

  • Glass Vases

Glass vases are timeless and versatile, making them a popular choice for any setting. Their transparent quality allows the beauty of flower arrangements to shine through, and they are suitable for showcasing everything from bold floral displays to simple green stems.

  • Mosaic Vases

Mosaic vases are exquisite art pieces featuring intricate designs made from small pieces of glass or ceramic. They add a vibrant splash of colour and texture to any space and are perfect for those who appreciate detailed craftsmanship.

  • Stoneware Vases

Stoneware vases offer a sturdy and earthy appeal, ideal for adding a touch of rustic charm to your home. Their heavy and durable construction makes them great for larger floral arrangements or as standalone decorative pieces.

  • Ceramic Vases

Ceramic vases are known for their variety in colour and finish, ranging from glossy to matte textures. They can be elegantly simple or elaborately patterned, fitting seamlessly into both modern and traditional interiors.

  • Metal Vases

Metal vases, with their sleek and shiny surfaces, provide a contemporary look. Often used in modern décor schemes, they are durable and make a bold statement on their own or with minimalist floral arrangements.

  • Aluminium Vases

Aluminium vases are lightweight yet durable, offering a modern and industrial aesthetic. They work well in minimalist settings and are resistant to rust, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Porcelain Vases

Porcelain vases are refined and delicate. They often feature hand-painted designs and a glossy finish that exudes luxury. They are perfect for formal settings or for adding a sophisticated touch to any room.

Select From a Range of Flower Vase Designs at Home Centre

Transform your living space with artistic and diverse flower vase designs. Browse our extensive collection of online flower vases to find the perfect piece, whether your décor calls for understated elegance or bold statement pieces.

We offer different types of flower vases, ensuring you can find the ideal vessel to complement your unique style. From sleek glass designs to ornately crafted ceramics, explore our collection to find different types of vases and discover flower vase décor ideas that serve as captivating art pieces.

  • Floral Vases

Floral vases are adorned with beautiful flower patterns, making them ideal for those who enjoy nature-inspired elements. These vases bring a refreshing touch of the outdoors inside and complement any floral arrangement with grace.

  • Decorative Vases

Decorative vases stand out with unique shapes, colours, and embellishments. They serve as focal points in any room, are capable of drawing attention even without flowers, and are perfect for adding an artistic flair to your décor.

  • Ribbed Vases

Ribbed flower vases feature a textured surface that adds depth and interest. The ribbing enhances the vase's tactile quality and plays with light, giving both the vase and its contents a dynamic look.

  • Decal Vases

Decal vases are characterised by their detailed graphic patterns applied via decals, offering intricate designs that can range from modern graphics to classical scenery, suitable for personalised interior styles.

  • Hammered Vases

Hammered vases boast a handcrafted look with a surface that reflects light in fascinating ways. This style is particularly fitting for homes with an industrial or rustic aesthetic, adding a touch of handmade charm.

  • Cut-Out and Cut-Work Vases

These cut-out and cut-work vases feature cut-out designs that create captivating light patterns and shadows, adding an element of visual interest and intricacy to the vase’s overall appearance.

  • Etched Vases

Etched vases display fine, detailed lines etched into their surface, offering a subtle yet elegant design that enhances their sophistication without overpowering the space.

  • Ribbed Vases

Characterised by their textured surface, these vases add depth and visual interest to any space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our ribbed vases offer a stylish and contemporary way to display your favourite flowers or greenery. 

  • Tapered Vases

Tapered vases narrow towards the top, guiding the eye upwards and focusing attention on the flowers within. This design is perfect for elongated floral arrangements.

  • Embossed Vases

Embossed vases feature raised designs that add texture and dimension. Whether floral, geometric, or abstract, the embossed patterns provide a tactile experience that enriches the décor.

Transform Your Home's Look with a Flower Vase

Buy flower vases for your home décor and significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal and ambience of your living space. A well-chosen vase not only complements the beauty of its floral contents but also serves as a standalone piece of art. Discover how adding one or more flower vases to your décor can create focal points, introduce colour, and add depth to your interior design.

A flower vase is more than just a receptacle for blooms; it is a versatile décor element that can alter the character and mood of a room. Vases can serve several transformative purposes:

  • Create Visual Interest: Vases add height, texture, and colour to spaces, breaking visual monotony and adding layers to your décor. Whether placed on a mantelpiece, a console table, or a bookshelf, they draw the eye and serve as stylish accents.

  • Define Spaces: Large vases can help delineate spaces in open-plan areas, providing a sense of division without disrupting visual flow.

  • Accentuate Themes: A vase can underscore a room's decorative theme, whether it's coastal, rustic, modern, or traditional. For instance, a simple glass vase can enhance a minimalist theme, while a brightly coloured ceramic vase can complement a bohemian style.

  • Seasonal Updates: Swapping out vases according to the season can refresh your décor throughout the year. Light, airy vases are perfect for spring and summer, while richer, deeper tones suit autumn and winter.

  • Enhance Mood: Vase colours and materials can influence a room's atmosphere. Transparent vases filled with light-coloured flowers can make a space feel open and airy, while darker, more substantial vases can lend a sense of warmth and grounding.

Key Considerations When Purchasing Flower Vases Online

Choosing the perfect flower vase online involves more than just picking a style you like; it requires consideration of several key factors to ensure that the vase not only looks good but also fits well within your space and serves its intended purpose. Before you make your next purchase, here are some essential aspects to keep in mind that will help guide your decision and ensure you are delighted with your choice.

When you are going to buy a flower vase online, consider the following essential factors to enhance your buying experience and ensure the vase meets your needs:

  • Material:The vase's material affects its look and durability. Glass and ceramics are popular for their aesthetic appeal but can be fragile. Metal or resin vases offer more durability and are suitable for outdoor use.

  • Size and Shape: The size of the vase should correspond with where you plan to place it and what it will hold. Larger vases are great for big arrangements and making bold statements, while smaller vases are ideal for delicate flowers or smaller spaces.

  • Design and Style: Choose a design that complements your existing home décor. Consider whether you want the vase to stand out as a statement piece or blend seamlessly with your other decorations.

  • Lid or Cover: Some vases come with a lid or cover, which can be useful if you intend to use the vase for purposes other than holding flowers, such as storing items discreetly.

  • Budget: Set a budget before you start shopping. Vases can range significantly in price based on their material, size, and designer. Knowing your budget will help you narrow your choices and find the best vase within your price range.

Choose From a Range of Sizes and Colours to Complement Your Decor 

Personalise your space with our wide range of flower vase sizes and colours, designed to suit any décor style or colour scheme. With over 11 colour options available, from vibrant hues to subtle tones, you can effortlessly find the perfect match for your home's palette. Explore our selection and choose from a variety of sizes to fit any spot in your home. Whether it's a small nook needing a touch of colour or a large space requiring a dramatic statement piece, enhance the flower vase décor of your home with Home Centre.

Choosing the right size, colour, and flower vase shape can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your room:

  • Size Considerations: The right size vase balances the scale of your space and the furniture around it. Consider where the vase will be placed:

  • Small Vases: Ideal for side tables, shelves, or as part of a clustered centrepiece.

  • Large Vases: Big flower vases are best suited for floor placements or as a standalone focal point in a spacious area.

  • Colour Options: The colour of your vase should complement or contrast with your room’s colour scheme to enhance its aesthetic.

  • Neutral Colours: Offer versatility and can blend with any décor.

  • Bold Colours: Make a statement and add a pop of colour to more subdued settings.

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with Flower Vases

Flower vases are more than just containers for blooms; they are versatile décor elements that can transform any space with a touch of style and elegance. Discover innovative flower vase decoration ideas to add colour to your home using our diverse range of flower vases. Whether you're looking to create a focal point or add subtle accents to your rooms, our vases can elevate your décor to new heights.

Here are some creative flower vase décor ideas:

  • Create a Focal Point: Place a large, decorative vase in a prominent location, such as a dining table or entryway. Fill it with vibrant flowers or branches to draw attention and set the tone for your home’s style.

  • Group Vases Together: Combine vases of varying heights and colours for a dynamic display. This works well on mantels, console tables, or as a centrepiece. Mixing textures and materials can add depth and interest to your arrangement.

  • Use Vases in Unconventional Ways: In addition to flowers, vases can hold alternative items such as twigs, feathers, or even colourful fruits and vegetables. This approach can add an unexpected twist to traditional floral arrangements.

  • Enhance Outdoor Spaces: Extend the elegance to your balcony or patio by placing weather-resistant vases outdoors. These can complement potted plants or standalone as decorative features.

  • Accentuate Nooks and Crannies: Smaller vases can be perfect for decorating shelves, bookcases, or window sills. They're great for filling empty spaces and adding pops of colour throughout your home.

Crucial Tips for Caring for Your Flower Vases

Proper maintenance of your flower vases not only extends their lifespan but also ensures they continue to enhance your home décor with their beauty. We understand the importance of vase care, which is why we're sharing essential tips to help you keep your flower vases looking as stunning as the day you bought them.

Cleaning of different types of flower vases is straightforward if you follow these simple tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Regular flower vase cleaning prevents dust and residue buildup. For glass and ceramic vases, a mixture of warm water and mild detergent works well. Use a soft brush or cloth to clean the inside and outside of the vase gently.

  • Handling Stains and Deposits: For stubborn stains or water deposits, fill the vase with a solution of vinegar and warm water and let it sit for several hours before scrubbing gently. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

  • Avoiding Scratches: Handle vases with care, especially while cleaning glass flower vases or those made of delicate materials. Use a soft cloth when cleaning and place them on padded surfaces when moving or storing.

  • Drying Properly: After washing, dry your vases completely with a soft cloth or let them air dry upside down to prevent water spots, especially on glass or polished surfaces.

  • Storing Correctly: When not in use, store vases in a stable, upright position to avoid tipping. If stacking is necessary, place a soft material between them to prevent scratches and chipping.

  • Caring for Metal Vases: Metal vases require special attention to avoid tarnishing. Polish them occasionally with a suitable metal cleaner and dry them thoroughly to maintain their shine and prevent oxidation.

Why Choose Home Centre for Your Flower Vase Purchase Online?

Buying flower vases from Home Centre online offers numerous advantages that enhance your shopping experience and satisfaction. From a diverse selection to exceptional customer service, discover why we are the preferred destination for stylish and high-quality flower vases.

Here are several compelling reasons to purchase your flower vases from us online:

  • Wide Selection: We provide an extensive range of flower vases in various styles, materials, and sizes, ensuring you can find the perfect match for any room or occasion without leaving your home.

  • Competitive Pricing: Enjoy competitive prices along with frequent sales and discounts that make our high-quality vases affordable for every budget.

  • Convenience: Shop from the comfort of your home at any time. Our user-friendly online platform makes it easy to browse, compare, and purchase products, with detailed descriptions and high-resolution images to help you make informed choices.

  • Quality Assurance: We are committed to quality. Each vase is carefully selected to meet stringent standards, ensuring that you receive products that are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.

  • Excellent Customer Service: Our dedicated customer service team is available to assist with any queries or issues, providing a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Reliable Delivery: With efficient packaging and trusted delivery services, we ensure that your chosen vases arrive at your doorstep in excellent condition, ready to beautify your space.

FAQs About Vases

1.What is a flower vase?

A flower vase is a container used primarily for holding cut flowers. It can be made from various materials such as glass, ceramic, metal, or stone and comes in different shapes and sizes to accommodate multiple floral arrangements.

2.What is a big flower vase called?

A larger flower vase, typically used for more substantial floral arrangements or as a floor decoration, is often referred to as a floor vase. These vases are usually taller and can make significant decorative statements in home or commercial settings.

3.What do you call a vase for one flower?

A vase designed to hold a single flower is commonly called a bud vase. These vases are small and narrow, designed to highlight the beauty of an individual bud or miniature floral arrangement.

4.Where do you keep flower vases?

Flower vases can be placed in various locations around the home. Common places include tabletops, mantels, shelves, or on the floor in corners or beside furniture. Ensure the location complements the room’s décor and that the flowers have enough space to breathe and be visibly enjoyed.

5.Are plastic or glass vases better?

The choice between plastic and glass vases depends on the use case. Glass vases offer a more elegant and classic look, ideal for formal occasions and home décor. Plastic vases are more durable and less prone to breaking, making them suitable for outdoor events, casual settings, or households with pets and children.

6.What are the advantages of flower vases?

Flower vases bring several advantages, including enhancing home décor, supporting and extending the life of cut flowers, and providing a versatile option for seasonal or permanent decoration. Vases themselves can serve as art pieces, adding colour, texture, and style to a space.


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