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Modern bathrooms have separate shower areas or bathtubs. Shower curtains effortlessly separate your bath area without any physical wall, offering you added privacy. Additionally, modish shower curtains enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom. Home Centre has a tasteful range of shower curtains in varied designs.

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Buy Shower Curtains Online at the Best Prices from Home Centre

Keeping your bathroom dry is a necessity to maintain hygiene and avoid accidental slips. A shower curtain can effectively ensure your bathroom is clean and dry at all times. Even after multiple showers, water is contained within the bath area. Shower curtains also brighten up your bath space with their vibrant allure. Home Centre has a stylish range of shower curtains in varied colours and patterns. The extensive choices ensure you get the best design for your modern bathroom.

Home Centre is the best brand for buying shower curtains. It offers an expansive range of shower curtains at the best price. You can buy shower curtains online at Home Centre to dazzle up your bathrooms.

Explore Different Types of Shower Curtains and Rods from Home Centre

Shower curtains from Home Centre are perfect to style up your bathroom. These simple bathroom accessories ensure your privacy even in shared bathrooms. The rest of your bathroom space is protected from soapy splashes as you shower. Our shower curtains are of water-proof quality. Therefore, they are excellent in repelling water droplets. So, your bathroom is dry, even after showers.

Home Centre’s shower curtains are the most sophisticated option for stylising your bathroom. We offer various types of shower curtains and rods constructed from quality materials. Therefore, our product range provides you with durable and long-lasting products.

  • Shower Curtain Rods

Sturdy shower curtain rods are necessary to install shower curtains firmly. Home Centre has a vast collection of sturdy and durable shower curtain rods. They fit firmly on the walls once installed. The appealing designs and colours of the metal shower rod range are envisioned to complement your bath décor and shower curtains.

  • Shower Curtains with Hooks

Shower curtains with hooks make it easier for you to install them on a metal shower rod. Every shower curtain from the Home Centre comes with a provision for hooks. All you need to do is insert the hooks into the buttonholed header on the shower curtain and hang them on the rod.

Pick from Different Range of Patterns, Styles, and Sizes of Shower Curtains Available at Home Centre

Home Centre has an eclectic range of shower curtains. The varied catalogue includes shower curtains in various prints, patterns, and colours. Every print and pattern is carefully chosen. The curated collection complements diverse interior themes and colour palettes. You can choose the shower curtain design based on the décor of your bathroom.

In addition to unique shower curtain designs, Home Centre has shower curtains in diverse styles, materials, and sizes. The style and size options will help you choose a shower curtain that fits your requirements. The different types of materials offer you immense options. Plus, quality material used in construction delivers excellent visual appeal and durability. In addition, it also provides ease of cleaning and maintenance.

  • Printed Shower Curtains

Add a modish touch to your bathroom with Home Centre printed shower curtains. You will get an array of prints, from geometric to abstract, to choose from. Additionally, the prints are offered in a vibrant colour palette. Go for a geometric print shower curtain to level up your minimalistic bathroom décor. An abstract print shower curtain is perfect for a single-colour or monochromatic bathroom interior. When in confusion, opt for a minimal print shower curtain in a subtle colour. Printed shower curtains liven up any bath area with their innate charm.

  • Patterned Shower Curtains

Patterned shower curtains can enhance the visual appeal. Home Centre offers you a wide range of patterned shower curtains. The range includes various patterns ranging from luxurious jacquards to minimalistic self-weave designs. Along with an array of patterns, you get plenty of choices for vibrant colours. You can choose vibrant colours to liven up your bathroom. Patterned shower curtains work best for compact shower spaces as they don’t overwhelm the aesthetics.

  • Striped Shower Curtains

Home Centre’s striped shower curtains infuse a touch of modernity into your bath décor. The striped curtain range has strip prints in various designs and patterns. The clean, substantial stripes in brilliant colours add a sophisticated accent to any bathroom. You can introduce a splash of colour with striped shower curtains. They are ideal for minimalistic bathrooms or bathrooms with single-colour themes. Our collection's trendiness of a striped shower curtain guarantees your bathroom space will never get dull.

  • Plain Shower Curtains

Plain shower curtains, contrary to what their names suggest, are not plain or ordinary. They add a sense of subtle glamour to the bathroom space. Home Centre’s range of plain shower curtains features beautiful colour options. A plain shower curtain creates an interesting visual impact in any bathroom space. Our single-colour shower curtains' high functionality and decorative appeal will ensure your bathroom is always stylish and tidy.

  • Floral Shower Curtains

Home Centre has a vast array of beautiful shower curtains in floral prints. Floral shower curtains bring nature to your bathroom. Home Centre meticulously designs every floral shower curtain to enhance your bathroom aesthetics. The floral range draws inspiration from bohemian and oriental motifs. The whole range includes vibrant colours and pastel hues to exhibit a sense of calm. Therefore, even with a simple floral print shower curtain, you can enrich your bathroom accessory décor.

Features of Shower Curtains

Shower curtains in modern bathrooms are for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Stylish curtains for shower areas enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom space. Functionally, they keep your bathroom clean by preventing water spillage from your bath area. This maintains the dryness and safety of your bathroom. To be of high functionality, the shower curtains from Home Centre have the following features:

  • Waterproof Shower Curtain Material

Home Centre has a stylish range of water repellent shower curtains. It is crafted from high-quality materials. We use durable materials such as polyester or PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate). To purchase waterproof shower curtains, choose a water-repellent shower curtain material.

  • Shower Curtain Dimensions

The shower curtain size offered by Home Centre is suitable for diverse sizes of bathrooms. The standard shower curtain dimensions from Home Centre are 180 cm x 180 cm.

  • Shower Curtain Designs

Choose a design that resonates with your décor, walls, and floor. This ensures your bathroom aesthetic appeal is not compromised. Home Centre has a wide collection of design offerings ranging from plain to floral prints.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Materials such as polyester or PEVA that are easy to clean.

Tips to Select the Right Shower Curtain

To buy the right shower curtain for your bathroom, follow these tips:

  • Material

Select a water-resistant material. A shower curtain made from water-resistant material is easy to clean. It is also more durable and long-lasting.

  • Design

The design of bath products, especially shower curtains, plays an important role in the décor. So, choose a design that fits your décor. A complementing design will create a cohesive visual appeal.

  • Features

The most important aspect of choosing the right shower curtain is its features. Shower curtains are easy to install and maintain. Furthermore, look for additional features such as machine washable, water-resistant materials and buttonhole header.

Tips for Installing Shower Curtains, including rod installation, measuring, and hanging

You can easily install shower curtains from the Home Centre by yourself. Here are the tips for installing shower curtains in your bathroom:

  • Shower Curtain Rod Installation

To begin shower curtain rod installation, first, decide the height at which you want to install it. Then, measure the height from the floor. Mark the position on both walls for a level placement. Then, fix the bracket ends of the shower curtain rod at those points. You can extend or shorten the rod as per the measurement.

  • Hanging Shower Curtain

All Home Centre shower curtains come with buttonhole headers. You can conveniently insert the shower rings through these buttonholes. Then, you can slide these rings on the shower curtain rod. And your shower curtain is installed.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Shower Curtains

Once you buy shower curtains online, you need to make sure you keep them clean. Here are some easy tips for cleaning shower curtains:

  • Wipe

Wipe your shower curtain weekly to keep it clean. You can wipe with a cloth or sponge soaked in soapy water. Then, clean with normal water. Lastly, wipe it with a dry cloth to clean away any moisture.

  • Periodic Washing

To maintain the hygiene of your shower curtain, wash it periodically. You can soak your shower curtain in a mild detergent solution. Then wash them with your hands or a machine.

  • Air Dry

After washing, dry your shower curtain in the open air. Do not use heat.

Why Buy Bathroom Accessories from Home Centre?

Bathroom accessories from Home Centre effortlessly make your bathroom more appealing and functional. Home Centre offers an extensive array of bath accessories. The range includes everything required in the bathroom, from a soap dish to a floor mat. The wide range of design options, high-quality materials used, and seamless shopping make Home Centre the best brand to buy bathroom accessories. Every bathroom product from our extensive range is designed to complement your bath space and make it more functional. At Home Centre, you enjoy online shopping for bathroom products with an extensive range of offerings, exclusive discounts, assured quality, and hassle-free return options.

FAQs on Shower Curtains

1. What type of shower curtain is best?

Shower curtains with water-resistant quality are the best. Water resistance ensures there is no water absorption by the curtain. It also prevents water from splashing out.

2. What does a shower curtain do?

A shower curtain’s primary objective is water containment within your shower area. It prevents water or moisture spillage from your bath area. This ensures your bathroom floor is dry and hygienic. It also provides privacy in shared bathrooms.

3. Why do people use shower curtains?

People use curtains for showers to prevent water from splashing out from their bathing area. A shower curtain offers them added privacy in their bathroom.

4. Are shower curtains hygienic?

Yes. Shower curtains are usually made from water-resistant materials. Therefore, there is no moisture absorption. No moisture absorption means no mould and mildew fear. This assures complete hygiene.

5. Are shower curtains better than screens?

Shower curtains are a more versatile and affordable choice than screens. They are easy to install and replace. You can install/change shower curtains yourself without professional help and without spending much money. You can always draw the shower curtains to one side for more accessibility, whereas the screens are fixed. Plus, they can be easily maintained with simple cleaning.


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