Upgrade your home's seating arrangements with our exquisite collection of bar stools and chairs. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen island or create a cosy corner in your living room, our versatile range has something for every space and style.

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Best Selling Bar Stools & Chairs From Home Centre

Remy Bar Stool - Black ₹2999
Vento Bar Chair - Blue ₹3999
Velvetica Velvet Bar Stool - Blue ₹3999
Vento Bar Chair - Grey ₹3999
Osprey Bar Chair - Grey ₹5999
Bacardi Rubber Wood Swivel Bar Stool - Brown ₹9999
Helios Solid Wood Set of 2 Bar Stools - Brown ₹11999
Data last updated on 10/0/2024

Buy Bar Stools and Chairs Online at Low Prices in India

We offer a wide selection of kitchen bar stools and chairs online to suit every taste and budget. Shopping for stylish and functional bar chairs and stools is convenient and hassle-free. With just a few clicks, you can browse through our extensive collection of bar furniture from the comfort of your own home. It is easy to compare different styles, designs, and prices, ensuring you find the perfect pieces to complement your kitchen and home decor items as well. At Home Centre, you'll find a wide range of designs to suit any taste, all offered at competitive bar chair prices.

In addition to our affordable prices, we also offer regular discounts and sales on our bar stools and chairs, allowing you to get even more value for your money. Plus, with our fast and reliable delivery service, you can have your new bar furniture delivered straight to your doorstep in no time. With our convenient online shopping experience, you can easily explore bar stools for sale online and also buy bar chairs online from the comfort of your home.

Shop Bar Stool and Chair Materials Online at Home Centre

When browsing for bar stools and chairs, the materials they're made from plays a significant role in both their aesthetics and functionality. At Home Centre, we offer a diverse selection of bar stools and chairs crafted from various materials to suit every taste and style preference.

  • Wooden Bar Chairs and Stools

Shop our collection of wooden bar chairs and stools online at Home Centre to find the perfect addition to your home. These stools offer timeless charm and add a natural touch to any space, making them versatile options for various decor styles. Plus, the solid construction of wooden bar stools provides stability and support, ensuring a comfortable seating experience for you and your guests. These stools are an excellent investment for any home bar or kitchen counter.

  • Metal Bar Stools and Chairs

Upgrade your kitchen or dining area with our selection of metal bar stools and chairs . Visit Home Centre today to explore our range and find the perfect pieces for your home. Metal bar stools and chairs are ideal for busy kitchens, paired with dining tables for additional seating. Their robust construction ensures long-lasting use, while their sleek design adds a contemporary touch to any space. Whether you're enjoying a quick breakfast at the kitchen counter or hosting a dinner party with friends, kitchen bar stools and chairs provide comfortable and stylish seating solutions.

  • Polypropylene Bar Stools 

They are made of polypropylene, which is known for being versatile, durable, lightweight, and extremely rugged thermoplastic. Polypropylene bar stools are perfect for adding a pop of colour to your kitchen or dining area. The lightweight bar stool design makes them easy to move around, while their unique shape provides comfortable seating for extended periods.

For a truly cohesive look, consider incorporating benches that complement your chosen bar chair design. Benches are perfect for accommodating extra guests to create a versatile seating arrangement.

What are the Different Types of Bar Stools and Chairs?

Finding the right design is key to creating a stylish and functional kitchen. With a vast selection of bar chairs and stool designs available at Home Centre, explore some popular options to suit your needs. With a wide variety of chair styles and bar stool prices to choose from, you'll find the pieces that perfectly complement your existing decor.

  • Backless Bar Stool

Backless bar stools offer a minimalist and space-saving seating option for your kitchen or dining area. These stools feature a design with no backrest, allowing them to tuck under counters or tables when not in use easily. Despite their simple appearance, backless bar stools provide ample support and stability, making them perfect for quick meals or casual gatherings. Their lightweight and versatile nature makes them a practical choice of kitchen stools and chairs for homes with limited space or with modern interiors.

  • Swivel Bar Stools and Chairs

Swivel bar stools and chairs offer convenience and flexibility, allowing users to rotate 360 degrees for easy access and movement. This feature is particularly handy in busy environments or during social gatherings, as it enables people to engage in conversations without having to adjust their seating position constantly. This functionality is not only available in modern bar stool designs, but also in classic options like wooden bar stools and chairs. With a smooth swivel mechanism and sturdy construction, these stools provide both comfort and functionality.

  • Low Back Bar Chairs and Stools

Low back bar chairs and stools with backs strike a balance between comfort and style. With a subtle backrest that offers support without obstructing the view, these stools are perfect for casual dining or lounging. The low-profile design adds a contemporary touch to any space, while the chair shape ensures comfortable seating for extended periods.

  • Full Back Bar Chairs

Full back bar chairs offer maximum support and comfort for extended periods of sitting. With a tall backrest that encompasses the entire length of the spine, these chairs provide ample lumbar support and promote proper posture. This makes them ideal for dining areas or home bars where guests may linger for longer periods. Additionally, chairs with backs often feature padded seats and armrests for added comfort, creating a luxurious seating experience. Their sturdy construction and sophisticated design make them a stylish addition to any space, whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet meal with family.

Bar Stools & Chairs Upholstery Materials Available on Home Centre

Selecting the ideal bar stools and bar chair material is crucial, as they greatly influence both comfort and style. At Home Centre, we provide a wide array of upholstery options tailored to accommodate various preferences and decor styles. Let's explore the various options available and how they can enhance your seating experience.

  • Faux Leather Bar Chairs and Stools

Faux leather upholstery offers the look and feel of genuine leather at a more affordable price point. This synthetic material is easy to maintain and clean, making it an ideal option for busy households. Faux leather bar stools and chairs provide a sleek and modern aesthetic without compromising on comfort or quality.

  • Velvet Bar Chairs and Stools

Velvet brings an air of sophistication and elegance to your bar stools and chairs. Its plush texture and rich appearance elevate the ambience of any space, adding a touch of refinement. Despite its abundant appearance, the upholstery of velvet bar chairs and stools is surprisingly durable and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for both formal and casual settings.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Bar Chairs and Stools Online

Before you buy bar stools online, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure you get the right ones for your needs. At Home Centre, we want to make sure you make an informed decision, so here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Height

One of the most crucial factors is the bar stools and chair height. Measure the height of your counter or table to determine the appropriate stool height.

  • Style:

Consider the style of your space and choose modern bar stools and chairs that complement it. Whether you prefer modern, traditional, or rustic designs, there are plenty of bar stool designs and bar chair design options available to suit your taste. Pay attention to details like colour, shape, and materials to ensure that your bar chairs and stools enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.

  • Material:

Another important factor to consider is the bar stool material. From wood and metal to upholstered options, the material affects not only the appearance of the stools but also their durability and maintenance requirements. Choose a material that not only looks great but also meets your needs in terms of durability and ease of cleaning.

  • Comfort:

Comfort is paramount when it comes to seating. Look for comfy bar stools and chairs with supportive backrests, cushioned seats, and ergonomic designs to ensure maximum comfort, especially if you'll be sitting for long periods. Consider factors like seat depth, armrests, and footrests to enhance comfort and relaxation.

  • Swivel vs Stationary:

Decide whether you want swivel or stationary bar stools and chairs. Swivel bar stools allow for easy movement and flexibility, making them ideal for socialising or multitasking. Stationary bar stools offer stability and support, perfect for those who prefer a more traditional seating option. Consider your preferences and needs when choosing between swivel and stationary stools.

By considering these factors before buying bar stools online , you can make an informed decision and choose the perfect stools to enhance your home bar or kitchen counter. Explore our collection of bar stools for sale online to find the ideal addition to your space.

Benefits of Opting for Bar Chairs and Stools Compared to Other Chair

Choosing bar chairs and stools over traditional chairs offers several advantages, making them a popular choice for home bars, kitchens, and entertainment areas. Unlike standard chairs, bar stools are specifically designed for elevated surfaces like bar counters or kitchen islands.

  • Space-Saving

The living room bar stools offer a space-saving solution compared to traditional chairs. Their compact design and slim profile make them ideal for small living spaces or rooms with limited floor space. Unlike bulky chairs that can clutter the area, bar stools can be easily tucked under a counter or table when not in use, maximising the available space and creating a more open and airy atmosphere in the living room. This adaptability means you can use them in different areas of your living room without worrying about matching the exact height of your furniture. 

  • Style and Design

Bar stool designs offer a unique and stylish look that can elevate the aesthetic of your living room compared to traditional chairs. With a variety of styles, materials, and finishes available, you can easily find various bar stools that complement your existing decor or add a modern twist to your space.

  • Versatility

Bar stools come in various heights and designs, making them versatile for different settings. They can be used at kitchen islands, home bars, or even as extra seating in the living room when needed. Plus, many bar stools come with additional features like backrests, footrests, or swivel capabilities, providing both comfort and style.

  • Flexible Seating Arrangements

Bar stool seats offer flexibility in seating arrangements, allowing you to accommodate guests or family members easily. With adjustable heights and swivel capabilities, everyone can find a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy meals or conversations together.

  • Affordable Options

Bar stools are usually priced more affordably than traditional chairs, presenting a cost-effective option for furnishing your home. At Home Centre, we provide a variety of bar stools for sale at competitive prices, ensuring you can discover the ideal seating solution without straining your budget. Explore bar stool prices and find the perfect balance between style and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Bar Stools and Bar Chairs

1. What are bar chairs and stools used for?

Bar chairs and stools are primarily used for seating at bars, kitchen counters, or high tables. They provide a comfortable and elevated seating option for individuals to enjoy drinks, meals, or conversations on elevated surfaces.

2. How do I maintain and clean upholstered bar stools and chairs?

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are recommended for upholstered bar stools and chairs. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for specific cleaning methods based on the upholstery material.

3. What is the standard size of bar stools and chairs?

The standard size of bar stools and chairs can vary depending on the height of the bar or counter they are intended for. However, a common standard height for bar stools is around 38.5 cm x 38.5 cm x 73 cm to  43 cm x 43 cm x 82 cm and for bar chairs 42 cm x 42 cm x 77 cm  to 49 cm x 50 cm x 103 cm.

4. How do I choose the right bar stools for my home?

When choosing bar stools, consider the height of your bar, match the style with your decor, and prioritise comfort. Measure your bar's height to ensure proper sizing, and choose materials and features like backrests based on personal preference. Lastly, assess the number of stools needed and available space for a suitable fit.


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